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About Us Aventino Group Construction in Polokwane

Aventino Group offers Real Estate, Professional Consulting Services, Mining Services, Infrastructure Services, Concrete and Brick Products & Construction in Polokwane.

Aventino Group, formerly known as Ntje business Enterprise and Construction, combined expertise and innovation of multi-discipline construction services which consults in a wide aspect of professional construction activities and projects that seeks to elevate existing ideas and create an exciting environment of quality deliverance that promotes reliable and first class Construction services.

The Company was established in 2003 growing into an engineering consulting powerhouse, Construction Management, Infrastructure, and Real Estate developer. AventinoGroup insists on demonstrating skills that are highly achieved and trained team of experts and professionals, we pride ourselves on the services which we achieved in the industry that not gone without notice, our thriving compassion saw us being an award-winning construction consultancy and development establishment from various departments and clients within the industry, with the aim to excel in more and greater projects. We compete in an environment of countless efforts, which alone bounds and motivate us to focus and put our motive across the country.

AventinoGroup demands Superior quality, detailed and faultlessness standards throughout its projects, from residential to commercial civil and engineering construction solutions and services. Our creation of infrastructure and support for communities enable us to grow to a national leading construction company, we believe in shaping our country by investing on local and economic development through our initiative (AventinoGroup Foundation) where our vision does not lose sight on the broader socio-economic imbalances that are still affecting communities, through our construction excellence we identify capable and unsourced youth to assist with bursaries in all levels of academic interest aiming at unlocking a dying dream. In this manner, we humble ourselves morally responsible to strategically partner with civil society and other stakeholders in addressing and confronting this socio-economic deficit.

AventinoGroup construction services integrated human settlement development under property and real estate development through governmental successful cost-effective and viable socio-economic solution, we also play a major role in upmarket property investment and land development. our professional construction consulting services covers projects management by conducting feasible studies, plan, designs and supervise civil and engineering project lifecycle. We render focused services on mining equipment and deliveries for renewable energy sources, our major alignment deals with the continental status of economic development hence our technological division sees the need for innovative research to bring Tech engineering solutions.

Our organizational and management structure intends to lead an impressive operational lifecycle of thought leaders and pioneers. AventinoGroup construction services founder and Chairman are equipped with a reputable managerial experience in construction engineering and infrastructure industry armed significantly with Bsc Eng from University of Cape Town, Master of Business Leadership and the highest level of academic degree (postgraduate doctoral degree ‘Ph.D.’) from University of South Africa. The company is steered with equal leadership where the group’s CEO is an impressive career record equipped with a Master of Business Leadership. AvetinoGroup achievements got recognized by The Govan Mbeki Excellence Award.

Construction Services

Mechanical Construction Services

  • Mechanical construction services
  • Bulk pipelines construction
  • Mining material handling systems, Conveyors, tanks, pumps and pipelines.
  • Oil, gas, petroleum and Boiler systems installation
  • Wet service, domestic & industrial water reticulation installation
  • HVAC & air conditioning systems installation

Civil Construction Services

  • Civil construction
  • General Building construction
  • Sewer systems
  • Stormwater Systems
  • Roads

Professional Consulting Services

Project Management

  • Conceptualization
  • Feasibility studies
  • Planning
  • Civil and Engineering project life cycle.
  • Designs and project supervision

Architectural Services

  • architectural design concepts including urban design and town planning services.

Quantity Surveying

  • cost planning, budget estimates and contrct management.

Engineering design & services

  • Civil and structure
  • Geotechnical
  • Water resource engineering
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Integrated engineering services

Infrastructure Services & Concrete and Brick Products

Infrastructure Services

  • Asset Management: our asset management strategy focuses on long term relationship with the customer building on sustainable application of technology and process improvement with special focus on:
  • Operations and Maintenace
  • Lease Management
  • Facilities Management

Concrete and Bricks

  • Supply of concrete products such as ready-mix concrete.
  • Manufacture and supply of cement bricks
  • Cement pavers of different shapes
  • Curbs
  • Other precast products

Mining & Energy

Mining Services

Our services are focused on:

  • Metering audits
  • Energy audits
  • Energy renewable
  • Mining equipment and supplies



Technology division focuses
On research and innovative approach to bringing integrative engineering solutions in all our divisions.
The special focus and current assignments are on:

  • Energy
  • ICT
  • Engineering
  • Renewable Energy: venturing into embedded
  • ABT: Alternative Building Technology using raw materials.

Real Estate

Aventino Group – Property and Real Estate Development in Polokwane

Housing development partnerships with strategic role players such as government in developing housing needs for the communities through successful cost-effective and viable Socio-economic solutions.


  • Property Investment
  • Land Development
  • Property valuations
  • Integrated Human Settlement Development
  • Property Finance
  • Risk Management
  • Retail, Commercial & Industrial
  • Property Development

Vision And Ambitions

To be a world class in-house engineering consulting, construction management, infrastructure, and real estate development company that contributes and directs development in the economy.

Mission and Targets

AventinoGroup construction services thrive in professional multi-disciplinary civil and engineering services, construction and infrastructure services. The goal is to build long-term value for our customer, shareholders, employees, partners and the community at large.


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Company Achievements

Govan Mbeki Excellence Award

Special Skills
The company also has permanent highly skilled individuals in engineering and financial sector, who run the operation on a day-to-day basis. Team work coupled with expertise, specialized knowledge, experience, positive energy and
enthusiasm, are virtues that secure highest quality, reliability, pleasure and possibility for further business development to advanced construction and project management to clients.


Construction in Polokwane

Edwin Zaba

(Liason Manager)

Happy Client Review

Was impressed at the professionalism shown to me with my first project with Aventino Group.  I will always recommend them to anyone willing to use their services.  Thank you.

Sebie Salim

(Business Entrepreneur)

Happy Client's Review.

When i got the Aventino Group to plan my housing project, was not really sure though i got good referrals from other clients.  However, on completion of my project, i was more than impressed.  Keep up the good work!

Lynn Wilson

(CEO - Lynn and Sam Associates.)

Happy Client's Review

We employed your Professional Consulting Service  on how to take our business to the next level on the paradigm.  We implemented all the business nuggets of advice given us and they work pretty well. We shall always call on you in the future.